Software Design, Development, Deployment.

          David Balmin

          Lev Balmin

  Education:   Education:
  • Multiple Computer Science Courses at UCSD and other educational institutions in the U.S.
  • Donetsk State University (Donetsk, Ukraine) - Master's Degree in Mathematics.
  • Institute of Control and Management (Moscow, Russia) - Ph.D. in Computer Science.
  • State University of Odessa (Odessa, Ukraine) - Masterís Degree in Mathematics.

  • Summary of qualifications:

    Programming Languages: C#, C++, C, Pascal (Delphi), SQL, Java, JavaScript, IBM/390 Assembler, PL/1.
    Database Engines: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access.
    Operating Systems: Windows, Android, UNIX (Linux, Solaris, SCO), Embedded OS, IBM OS/390.
    Hardware Architectures: IBM PC, IBM Mainframe, SUN-Server.

    Short List of Projects

    1. Design, development and deployment of Android application "You Advance In Life". Use Java programming language in Eclipse Java EE IDE development environment.

    2. Design, development and deployment software for short extrapolation of a stock price maid on basis of Neural Net. This software downloads a recent history of large list of stocks, does a neural net learning, select promising stocks, and estimate a probability distribution of their next prices. C#, C++

    3. Design, development and deployment of MS-1800 - Building Control Workstations (distributed by Siemens as part of Staefa Control System technology. About 1000 setups in university campuses, corporate sites, museum buildings, etc). Multitasking, multithreading, real-time Windows application for HVAC managers. Implementation of proprietary communication protocol between workstation, server and Staefa field controllers. Pascal (Delphi), Visual C++.

    4. Update of Staefa Control Systemís (currently a part of Siemens) Server / Router. Multitasking, real-time SCO Unix application for HVAC nodes communications. Supported communication interfaces: Ethernet, TCP/IP, modem dial-up, and serial cables. C - language.

    5. Design, development and deployment of communication interface between MS SQL database, Web clients and HVAC control panels. Developed software that met the requirement to give museum maintenance managers the ability to analyze performance of their control devices. Developed for Paul Getty museum in Los Angeles. Visual C++, Web ASP, SQL, ODBC.

    6. Design, development and deployment of "Add-on Logger" as third-party software used to log events occurred during execution of MS1800 control workstation. The Logger intercepts Windows messages sent to MS 1800 tasks, saves them into SQL database and replies to remote requests via local or global network. This software sold to The Westin Hotel in Las Vegas. C++/C

    7. Implementation of Telnet server and client protocols for Tymnet server network (MCI, currently a subsidiary of Verizon Communications). Unix (Solaris) for Sun-Server, C-language.

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